Monday 20 September 2010

Dermatological Treatments and Cosmetic Practice in Nepal

Nepal offers extremely limited access to dermatology facilities even in the most densely populated urban areas. There are very few dermatology specialists in Nepal and treatment for medical skin conditions and cosmetic facial rejuvenation treatments can be rare. 

Narenda Singh is a listed Dermatologist based in Kathmandu, one of very few specialist consultants working within Nepal on skin conditions and medical treatments. There is a concerted drive to increase the practice and training of specialists across Nepal and a recent chapter in a medical journal by V.G Hubbard, ‘A single educational intervention aiming to improve dermatology care in western Nepal’ discusses the expansion of dermatological training in regions within Western Nepal. Investigation continues into the effect of carbon-di-oxide lasers on the Nepali skin phenotype for both medical and cosmetic procedure processes.

There are a few health and beauty parlours the more affluent areas of Nepal although these tend to cater to holiday makers and tourists. In Kathmandu it is possible within 5 star hotels to receive topical facial treatments to improve skin condition and skin tone. For procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers it is usually necessary to travel to India. Chemical skin peels are not very common in Nepal and very few places offer microdermabrasion. 

The Harmony Spa in Kathmandu, specialises in relaxing, luxury spa treatments such as hot body wraps, deep tissue massage and facial treatments. These treatments are dermatologically tested, soothing, restorative anti-wrinkle treatments for sun damaged skin designed to prevent early signs of ageing. Rice and Sandalwood healing body rubs are available to heal inflamed skin suffering from prickly heat.

Conditions in the Himalayas at high altitudes do cause skin to dry and become rough. Long multi-day treks in the mountain regions may result in sun damage from high exposure to UV rays and dry, rough skin. Microdermabrasion is a good method of exfoliating the skin to restore smooth skin. Unfortunately this treatment is not widely available in Nepal.